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Preparing Your Home for Hardwood Flooring

Modern day designs have really experienced best practices with the application of woods. A lot of homes now deploy various types of hardwood for the flooring of their homes; for purposes of beautification which is just one out of the many avails of hardwood. In hardwood flooring, there are a long list of equipment and materials which are necessary to be put in-place other than the wood itself. Some equipment can be so sophisticated that they are not readily available except by the intervention of skilled installers who may have acquired them as a prerequisite for the work. The supplies and materials for the exercise may include items such as but not limited to; level, knee pads, gloves, safety goggles, staple gun, and moist metre. For the existing floors in the home, there is need for them to be removed for the new installation of hardwood floors. Where there exist flooring materials like the tiles and carpets, there will be need to strip-off the real concrete. The concrete has to be cleaned; and if vacuumed as well as scrubbed and mopped. After a while when the floor is dry, there will be need for even check with the level which will indicate which higher area need to be sanded to a degree where the floor will be flat. After this, most homeowners who fancy hardwood flooring do choose to lay a sort of moist barrier which in-turns ensure the concrete is never wet to cause damage in the structure. It can be agreed that the task of hardwood flooring can be time-implicative and may take up to two whole days if the installer is a professional-else, there may be more activities that may not have been budgeted for which might surface as a result of some complications while installing. When homeowners think of the cost, they do so in terms of price per square foot which obviously do fluctuate from stores to stores. Form surveys, the market value of some of the materials for hardwood flooring are as follows; Underlay: 15 cent per square foot Sealant: $12 per 500 square feet Adhesive: $100 per 200 square feet

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