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How to do Hard Wood Floor Refinishing

If the hardwood flooring in your home is already showing sign of old age, you can refinish the hardwood floor to give it an entirely new look. All you need is a touch of expertise and the erstwhile worn and torn floor would be transformed to something worthwhile and beautiful. Just do it right and you will love the outcome. If the home had become unattractive due to the worn floor, the refinish will help transform the home into an entirely beautiful place. The refinishing provides the perfect solution to scratch removal on the hardwood. With hardwood floor refinishing, you will never have to sand down the scratch to the bare wood. Just refinish and all scratches will be gone. The hard wood floor refinishing can be relied on as the only solution needed to transform your floor; it can equally be used as part of a flooring solution combination with the use of scuff sand. In most instances, you will need to sand the floor before you apply the refinishing coat. Sanding the floor will help to remove old coating. This can be done using a drum sander. This will make the floor level and smooth, which will give more value to the refinishing effort. The drum sander does not just smoothen the floor; it also removes airborne dust in the air simultaneously. While you are doing the sanding, make sure it is done along the natural grain of the wood. You can employ an expert to get this done and you can equally get down to it if you have the expertise. Every inch of the floor must be attended to while carrying out the hard wood floor refinishing, including the corners. You will require what is called a handheld edge sander to get this done. This tool will see to it that those areas that are very hard to reach can be easily reached for sanding and refinishing. To ensure consistency, make sure that sandpapers having the same grit are used all through the sanding process prior to the refinishing. If there are holes, cracks or gaps, make sure such are refilled before proceeding with the refinishing.

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