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Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

Hardwood flooring placed in the house proposes affluence and splendor. Since these floorings are a highly valued possession, you must maintain it with extreme care. You would definitely want to take measures to care for it in an exceptional manner so that it lasts for a longer period of time.
There are certain points that you must adhere to make your hardwood floors have a longer lifespan. A few tips relating to hardwood flooring care are highlighted below.
Only in circumstances where hard floors are coated with polyurethane, it is advisable to use a damp mop for cleaning purposes.
Furthermore, one should avoid walking with high heels or with heavy shoes on such floorings as this can create dents in the flooring.
Dragging furniture on such flooring can lead to scratches on its surface. Therefore, you should avoid this and instead keep gliding furniture pads under the stands of the furniture. Plastic protectors can also be used.
Remember to avoid placing rubber mats on these floors. Moreover, a good idea would be to set carpet runners or place floor mats on these floors to avoid the accumulation of dirt and to prevent scratches. In situations where you have pets living inside your house, you must ensure to occasionally clip their claws to prevent the occurrence of scratches on hardwood floors.
Additionally, you must refrain from using oil based soaps or cleaning agents which are ammonia based to clean hardwood floors since they can spoil the floors and lead to deterioration in the long term. You must also abstain from using harsh chemicals and cleaners on your hardwood floors. If a water based cleaner is used, you must ensure that you dry the cleaner with a dry cloth instantly.
If you undertake the necessary measures to ensure proper care of your hardwood floors, the magnificent and unique look of your flooring can remain for a long period of time and you will hardly feel the need to replace them. Taking into account the measures outlined above will only reduce your expenses in the long term and make your house a comfortable and elegant place to reside in.

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