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Hardwood Floor Repair Considerations

Hardwood floor is special in all sense of the word. It lasts longer and it is able to withstand the elements. It equally tends to get stronger as the years progress. If well treated from the onset, it does not succumb easily to environmental damages or insects. It equally adds a lot to the decor of the home and makes the place look very beautiful and welcoming. The use of this wood will equally improve on the value of the home and make it sell at higher rate in the event you have to sell the home in the future. Despite all the descriptions given about hardwood above, it can still succumb to one form of damage or the other. Such damages can however be taken care of without any problem. How can you carry out hardwood floor repair when it occurs? Some simple things you can do will be made known below. You will require tools like chisel, nail set, block plane, ruler, metal cutting blade, nail lunch, circular saw, pencil, hamer, drill and pry bar. You will equally require materials like finish blade, replacement board, lumber off cut and wood glue. These essential hardwood floor repair tools are not so expensive. They can equally be bought both online and offline at utility stores. If any particular portion of the board is damaged, you will need to cut off the damaged part and replace it. While making the cut, make sure you cut along the joist and across the grain. Using this method ensures that you will not have to replace the whole plank, but will only have to replace the damaged portion of the plank. This will help save cost and time. Some scratches and tiny holes may occur at the cutting point. Such scratches can be covered up using fillers. The best tool to adopt for the cutting during hardwood floor repair is a circular saw. Tongue and groove board may be somewhat more difficult to repair compared with the square-edged board. Make sure the board to use in replacing the damaged part is of exactly the same length and width as the one already cut off.

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