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It is beyond doubts that hardwood floors are beautiful and ever since decades ago, they are still popular across the world. They have a natural charm, elegance and beauty. The appearance and life span can be improved by considering a number of factors such as: the type available, how to maintain them, their species, finishes among other factors. Find out if this type of flooring can be installed over any existing flooring such as concrete slab and how to increase its value. There are quite a number of factors that will determine the type of hardwood floors that one is likely to install at home. For instance, the techniques used to harvest the woods, the way each piece was constructed as well as the various finishing processes that were employed. Such factors make some woods more suitable for some installations than others. There are solid woods which are an inch thick and are normally installed above grades only and must never be installed in basements or concrete slabs. There are also engineered woods which come in a range of thickness such as to , for this, it involves a number of wood plies stuck together using glue to form one plank, they are good when installed over concrete slabs. There are also long strips, distressed, pre-finished and unfinished, exotic and hands scrapped which has gained popularity and are available in both solid as well as engineered constructions. Varieties of techniques can be employed when installing hardwood floors which are determined by the type of woods to be used and placement. They include: glue, nail or staple down, glue-less where no wood adhesive is used and floating to mention but a few. In the recent past, due to advancing technology, the modern finishing technique, urethane, makes it easy and cheaper to maintain these floors. Even though caring for these floors is simplified by urethane finishes, when using such floors, one should practice doing the following: avoid wet mopping, keeping pet's nails short to prevent them from scratching the floor, regular vacuuming and employ floor protectors on furniture. Moreover, the manufacturers' protocols on cleaning and maintaining must be considered at all cost.

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