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How to Install Wood Flooring

In the past, if people had wanted wood flooring in their home then they would have had to hire a professional to get it done for them. However, now they are able to do it on their own, and this means that there is a freedom to get the flooring that you really want without having to waste a lot of your money on getting somebody else to do it.

Preparing your flooring
One thing that a lot of people will forget to do it prepare the flooring before it is laid. It is vital that you allow your wood to sit in the room that it is being put in for at least a week or so before you fit it, as this would help you to avoid the warping of the wood later, which could make your flooring look uneven and unsightly. So many people skip this step because they are eager to get to the end result, and this means that they cause damage which then cannot be fixed.

How to ensure that the flooring is straight
One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a set square, which will help you to see whether your strip of wood is at the correct angle to the one next to it. Even the slightest mistake on each strip could add up towards the end, meaning that when you stand back to look at your work you will see that it is at an usual angle which could have ben avoided by just a little thought and care during the process.

How do I secure the flooring?
This will depend largely on the guide that you are given by the manufacturer. Whenever you decide that you’re going to lay wood flooring, you should always be given a leaflet with plenty of information from the company that you buy it from. If you do this then they should let you know whether it is best to use nails or a strong glue. It is vital that you use the correct method, as the wrong one could cause damage.
When you have finished laying your floor, you should avoid standing on it for as long as you possibly can. This means that it will have the chance to settle without being disrupted, and you are therefore likely to observe a much higher quality of finish in the future. ~`~

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