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Interior Decoration of Your House With Engineered Hardwood Flooring

In this day and age, hardwood floors are highly preferred not only by home owners but also by numerous professionals. Hard wood floors are recommended for their freshness, elegant look and durability. It is quite common to find out that even the most beautiful houses offered for sale comprise of hardwood floors. However, if you settle on a house having hardwood floor fixed in, make sure that the wood involved is of high quality and if the wood installed is matured, then repairing is compulsory. Generally, three kinds of hardwood floors are offered in the market. The varieties offered to the audience may include plank, strip and parquet. The strips of wood have a width of 1.5 to 2.5 inches. The plank may exceed the size of strips and the parquet consists of independent four sided figure forming a geometrical pattern. You should choose the kind of specific wooden floor after the evaluation of scale plan of your floor. Then only you can choose the floor you want to set up. You can decide on the installation of engineered, solid or laminate floors, depending on the suitability of your furniture, decoration and entire approach of the house you own. One would want to prefer an engineered version of floor, if you want to replace solid floor of your house. These days a lot of experts of flooring recommend the utilization of engineered floors. For the installation of engineered floor you should mix up finish wood with plywood. On the completion of engineered hardwood's installation, the surface that becomes visible is finished wood, whereas the under layer is built up with plywood and embraces 80 to 90 percent of engineered flooring. The layers stated above make contribution in building a well-built dimension. Additionally, it also not advisable to install hardwood floor in the areas suspected to be moist. If you are installing engineered floor, the preferable areas for its installation may include basement, kitchen and bathroom. As far as the installation of engineered floor is concerned, a huge range of choices are available. If you choose a thinner category of engineered floor, they can simply be nailed down to acquire elegant flooring and the thick category is supposed to be installed as floating floors. The task of installing floating floor is not difficult and you can also do it on your own. However, it is necessary that the floors are leveled and firm.

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