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Ways to maintain hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are cherished for their magnificent look and rich texture. However, retaining their elegance is essential so that your hardwood floors can last for several years. This can be done by maintaining your beautiful hardwood floors in a proper manner. Maintaining these hardwood floors is not a very difficult task if certain points are kept in mind.
Waxing and polishing can be frequently required to maintain the shiny and polished look of your hardwood floors. However, hardwood floors which contain a polyurethane finish do not need waxing for maintenance. If regular cleaning of such floors is done, it is sufficient to maintain their shine and preserve their glamorous look. Furthermore, you must remember to place door mats at the entrance of every room to gather dirt and dust to prevent the floors from getting dirty. Door mats and rugs which are specifically designed for hardwood floors are more effective in collecting dirt compared to rubber backed and non ventilated mats. Therefore, you must use such mats for your hardwood floors which are in areas of excessively high traffic.
Additionally, proper care must be taken of your hardwood floors to retain their magnificent look and make them last for several years to come. No matter how strong your hardwood floor may look, certain things can easily cause deterioration to the surface of your flooring. Furniture must not be dragged over the floors. In situations where furniture needs to be moved, you must use furniture pads for sliding them and place plastic protectors under the stands of your furniture. Exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided since sunlight may cause your hardwood floors to fade. You must avoid protect them from every day wear and tear and prevent walking over them with footwear which is heeled. Refinish the floor if the finishing of your hardwood floor is damaged. If you accidentally spill something over your hardwood floor, wipe it as soon as you can. Marks due to the accumulation of candle wax can be removed by applying ice to it first and then gently scrapping it off. Importantly, the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user manual must be read carefully and you must ensure that you consistently follow those instructions for properly maintaining your hardwood floors.

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