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Staining process for Hardwood Floors

If the furniture and floors of hardwood are compared, we usually change the second one more often. When it is time to choose brand new furniture for your house, it is not possible without comparing its color with the hardwood floor installed at your house. However, it would not be wise to change the entire floor of hardwood at your house, just for matching it with your newly bought furniture. Instead, ‘staining’ is a far better choice as it the cost associated with the staining is far more less than the one with installation of a brand new floor of hardwood.
The term staining refers to one the aspects of process of refinishing a hardwood. It is generally applied not to alter the color of the hardwood floor, but for enhancing the original color of it. So, the process of staining can turn out to be helpful in revitalizing the color, which faded over past years.
The effectiveness of staining depends on the kind of floor you possess. For example floor built with woods of open-grain have more effective results of staining which include pecan, oak, ash and walnut. Therefore, prior to the commencement of the staining process, it should be assured that you are known to the wood kind for choosing the suitable stain.
It should be assured that you clean the floor prior to the application of the stain. Or else, you might end up witnessing several colors of stains on a single area of floor. When you are fully prepared for the staining process of your floor of hardwood, you will require material like clean napkins, knee pads and wood stains. After collection of these constitutes, you should follow the above stated steps:
1. make sure that the floor of hardwood is cleaned thoroughly.
2. The room where the process is conducted is airy and ventilated, as dangerous fumes are emitted by the satins.
3. Put on your knee pads while staining the hardwood floor. It is advisable that you wear clothes with pants, long sleeves as well as gloves for preventing the stain from harming your skin.
4. Make sections of the hardwood floor and then apply stain. The stain in excess should be wiped off after the process is completed.
5. Let the area dry for whole night. If you apply excess stains or if there is no or less ventilation in the room, it will prolong the process of drying.

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