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Six Factors to be considered for Hardwood flooring

Six Factors to be considered for Hardwood flooring You can now enhance the estate value of your house by installing a good quality hardwood. A beautiful touch of glamour, elegance and sophisticated look is given to the overall environment of your house. In case, if you are applying wrong practices of cleaning and maintenance, it will result in a dramatic decrease in the appeal of your hardwood floor.
Above are precise guidelines that may assist you in maintenance of your costly floor:
1. Water – rival of your floor
Floor of hardwood and water don’t work well together. Therefore, you should make sure that any spilt of wine, juice or other liquid is wiped off immediately with the help of a soft and dry napkin. Your floor can be harmed because of water in two ways: firstly, the luster of your floor can be lessened and secondly, a wrap can occur and it’s shape can also be altered.
2. Cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis:
Several particles of dust and dirt can cause a serious damage to your floor of hardwood. Therefore, it is advisable that the floor is cleaned on a regular basis with the help of soft napkins, vacuum and brooms.
3. Hire professionals for the refinishing tasks:
Although, you may find yourself capable of doing every task yourself, the best option is to hire a professional for the refinishing task, who has suitable experience, tools and training. As the cost associated with the hiring of the professional is way cheaper than the one associated with replacement of the entire hardwood floor.
4. Be critical about choice of cleaners:
The cleaners offered in the market are similar to soaps that may leave residues on your floor and create difficulty in the application of coats for maintenance afterwards. So, while cleaning the hardwood floor, make sure that you choose the cleaners that are devoted particularly for the hardwood cleanup.
5. The scratches on hardwood:
Not similar to other categories of material for floor, hardwood can become prone to the scuffs. So, it is strongly advised that you should never choose on dragging any weighty object similar to furniture. Otherwise it will result in huge and ugly scratches on your floor.
6. Say ‘YES’ to rugs:
If you desire to minimize the damages caused by shoes, you can place beautiful and decorative small rugs on the area with high foot trafficking.
If you want to make the hardwood floor at your house the centre of attention, you should follow the steps stated above.

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