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Now you can build a Hardwood Floor this holiday

It is unbelievable to hear, but now you can install a stunning floor of hardwood all by yourself within a week. How can you do that? Just choose floating floor- Do It Yourself. Not similar to specific flooring of hardwood that are supposed to be glued or nailed down, these floating floors are supposed to be laid down on a thin sheet of foamy rubber and not attached to the sub-floors.
For the entire plan, you should decide on the most recent in the material of floating floor- Lyptus Flooring produced by the Weyerhaeuser. It is manufactured by the rapidly growing trees of eucalyptus, being cultivated on a workable and environment friendly estates. The woods employed have a red colored hue which makes it similar to mahogany or cherry, however it is quite hard. Actually, the density resembles the maple and red oak, which are the two kinds usually employed for flooring. They are offered with a furnishing and finish meeting the standards of factory, so as the installation of plank completes, your task is completed.
The range of planks of the floating floors is approximately 3-8 inches in width and generally employment of glue is necessary on every piece’s edge. The Lyptus Floor is offered in a width of 7 ˝ and has glue applied on every edge for making a rapid installation. The cost of the floating floors begins with a price of $3 for each sq. ft. of plank which has thin surface. The cost of installing a firm wooden floor is approximately $7 per sq. ft. For making the installation more rapid and for the prevention of damage, a installation kit should be used which is specifically devoted to the floors of floating wood. The kit for installation is known as ‘The Ultimate Tool Kit’ which may cost $199.
You should commence your task from left side to the right when the floor planks are laid across the entire room, with the edges of the tongues facing outwards. For the accommodation of contraction and expansion, a gap of ˝ inches should be left in between the wall and the floor. Additionally, the width of the planks positioned in the last row should be 2 inches. For confirming the extent the room’s width should be measured, and then 1 should be subtracted. The width of plank should be divided to come up with the no. of rows in the entire room.

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