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Best types of hardwood floors

There are several different types of best hardwood floors that you can choose from.
Solid Hardwood Floors
Solid hardwood floors are made from certain trees such as the maple, oak, cherry and cypress. Blocks of wood from these trees are cut and generally have a width of inches. These types of flooring entail good quality and are also highly durable. Moreover, these floorings are available in several types of colours and thickness. These floors are usually non allergic and inexpensive. However, they can become costly if you have to pay a professional for its installation since it is a time-consuming process. Solid hardwood floors can be glued down to the surface. They can also be nailed down on the surface. A process of hardwood floor refinishing can repair these floors if damage is caused to their surface. Furthermore, these floors cannot tolerate moisture so their use is not recommended for basement flooring or for places which are usually moist.
Bamboo Hardwood Floors
Bamboo flooring is aesthetically pleasing and adds an elegant look to the room in which they are installed. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Manufacturers are constructing plain bamboo wood flooring which is even and flat. These floorings are durable and can sustain increasingly heavy loads. However, these are relatively more expensive than other types of wood flooring but since they are extremely durable and easy to install, you may consider it as a good option.
Engineered Hardwood Floors
An engineered hardwood floor consists of thin sheets of plywood glued together. Veneer covers the topmost surface of these floors while the core consists of softwood. These floorings retain moisture and have a long life span. Moreover, they are available in different colours, textures and sizes. This is an important feature of engineered hardwood floors. Furthermore, varying choices are available for you to select from. Installing this type of hardwood floor is relatively expensive. However, its installation is an easy process and you may take it up yourself, saving up on heavy installation charges.
Laminated Hardwood Floors
This type of flooring is not made up of wood, but it looks like wood. It is durable and suitable for floors which are constantly in use. Its maintenance is easy. Furthermore, they are available in various appealing colours and textures, providing a potential buyer with ample choice. Laminated hardwood floors are the most inexpensive hardwood flooring types and are also the easiest in terms of installation. If used with proper care, they can last for around 20 years. However, if these floorings are damaged, they cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Nevertheless, if you are in search of a type of cheap flooring, then this could be a good option.

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