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Staining Hardwood Floors

You might want to stay in your hardwood floor to give it a new a fresh look. However, this is a complex task, especially if you want to do it yourself to avoid facing the large cost. This process requires considerable care, time and effort.
If you feel that you can carry out this task by yourself a few steps need to be taken. These are illustrated below.
Steps Involved
First, select a stain, lots of varieties are available in the market. Lots of pigmented penetrating sealer stains are available. These maintain the wood grains and the attractive look of the wood. Another option is to use oil based pigmented stain which can change the colour of your floor. However, this cannot be used consistently since it may damage your floor. You can begin by undertaking some basic repairs. Fill up all the cracks and sand them to bring them to the same level to the rest of the floor. Then you should sand and buff the entire floor. Once done, clean all the dust and dirt from the room. Furthermore, use a floor sealer to make sure that the application of stain is levelled. The fumes from staining are very strong and this can harm your health if you inhale them for a long time. Therefore, make sure that the room is ventilated.
Additionally, wear knee pads since you will face the need to kneel down while performing this task. You can also use a roller to apply the stain. Rollers can also enable you to apply a smooth and even coating.
Once you are done, leave the room and give time to the stain to dry. This could take a few hours or maybe even a full day, depending on the ventilation present in the room. You must avoid dust from coming into your room.
Follow this with a coat of polyurethane to give your floor a blazed and shiny look. The polyurethane coating will also protect your floor from spillage. You can also sand the floor again and apply one more coat of polyurethane for a new look on your floor.
This is definitely a time consuming process, but if it is carried out properly, it can give your floor the look you were hoping for. If you plan to stain hardwood floors yourself, consider following this procedure. Nevertheless, you can consult a professional if you are unsure.

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