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Scratches on Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring gives your house a charming look. If this flooring gets scratched, it will look unattractive. Some scratches are small but they are noticed more when light falls on them. Hardwood flooring can get scratched easily due to dragging furniture and not using the correct type of padding under furniture legs. Therefore, fixing scratches on hardwood flooring is essential.
Listed below are several ways to fix those scratches and retain the beautiful look of your house.
Minor Scratches
Since hardwood floors have a protective coating, some minor scratches on the floor only damage the coating and the flooring is kept secure. In order to find out if it is a minor scratch, you should observe the color inside the scratch. You can conclude that the scratch has damaged the wooden component of the flooring if the color inside the scratch is lighter than the color of your floor. If not, it is a minor scratch. Following is the process for minor scratches.
First, begin to spot sand using sandpaper. Only sand the scratches in a light manner. Refrain from sanding the area around the scratch. Then apply the protective coating with the help of a brush. Keep reapplying the coating to keep the floor safe. At times when the scratch has slightly ruined the color or finish, you can purchase some color or varnish which matches the color of your hardwood floors. You can apply this with the help of a brush and then apply the coating. Then, buff it with some soft cotton after a few minutes are over.
Major Scratches
Major scratches can be repaired to restore the look of your hardwood flooring.
Firstly, sand the scratch and the entire area around it. Apply some mineral spirits on a damp cloth to rub the sanded area. This will result in eliminating all the leftover dirt particles from sanding.
Next, apply a scratch remover solution accurately on the area which is scratched. Leave it to dry for some time.
Additionally, apply the finish or the matching varnish on the area ensuring that you do not make any overlapping strokes. After leaving it to dry, the color might appear to have slightly changed. You can then decide if you need to apply the next coat.
At the end, apply a protective coating and let it dry. You can also buff the floor to generate a new and shiny look.
To repair the floor, you can purchase a kit for repair which is available in hardware supplies stores. If you maintain your hardwood floor every day, you can protect your floors from major scratches. If you wish to simply cover the scratches, you can place a stylish rug to give a classy look to your hardwood flooring.

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