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Best hardwood floors steam cleaner

Steam cleaners which can be used to clean hardwood floors can be purchased from appliance stores and usually costs around $100. Several different brands of steam cleaners are available which offer varying capacities.
While using a steam cleaner to clean your floor, it is essential to carefully follow the instructions provided by the manager. This is because different types of steam cleaners entail different unique modes of operation.
Before carrying out the task of steam cleaning, you must sweep your hardwood flooring to remove all the larger dirt particles. Then, you should fill the steamerís water canister with water up to the prescribed level. The steamer should then be plugged into a socket. The steamer will usually take around 5 to 10 minutes to heat up in order to turn water into steam. Once all the setting is done and everything is in place, start the steamer. Start moving the steamer on your hardwood floors from one end of the room towards the other end. You should only work the steamer on two square feet area at one time. When you are done cleaning the whole room with the steam cleaner, detach the steamer from the socket and keep it aside. Then use a dry towel to wipe the entire hardwood flooring which you just cleaned. By doing this, you are certain that there is no moisture left on the hardwood floor. Steam cleaning is therefore one of the best ways of cleaning hardwood floors.
However, it is recommended to use the method of steam cleaning only on sealed and finished hardwood flooring. You should not use it to clean unfinished flooring on which polyurethane has not been applied. This is because the steam will reach inside the grains and resultantly, make them swell. This can cause considerable damage to your hardwood flooring. Also, it should not be used to clean laminate flooring for the similar reasons. Moreover, if your hardwood flooring has too many scratches present on them, or if it is worn out in certain areas, it is not recommended to use steam cleaning. This is because water can quickly seep through the scratches and this is detrimental for the quality of your hardwood floors.

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