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Maple hardwood flooring pros and cons

Being a glamorous variety of hardwood flooring, the use of maple flooring by homeowners is becoming extremely widespread. Most people are attracted by the look and magnificence of this type of flooring, but it is essential to see whether this type of flooring will suit your home. Factors such as climate, maintenance and the area in which this flooring is used should be taken into account when installing maple flooring. When you analyze these factors, you can easily conclude whether it is suitable for your house or not. A few benefits regarding the use of maple flooring are illustrated below.
The Pros of using Maple Flooring
As mentioned earlier, the beauty of this type of flooring is that it instantly attracts people. This is one of the most essential advantages of using maple flooring. Its elegance, richness and style make it the best choice for people. Moreover, it can also be stained to give it a darker shade of color for a richer look. This renders it versatile. A crucial advantage of using maple flooring is that once it is installed, its maintenance entails very little effort. You can simply sweep off the dust accumulated on it on a daily basis. You can use a vacuum cleaner to do this. Once this is done, you can clean the floor with a solution of mild soap and water. This will give a new and fresh look to your floor, even after it has been installed for a long time. You should buff it once every two years so that its shine can be maintained. If you are susceptible to developing allergies from dust which usually accumulates on carpets, installing maple flooring is an excellent choice, since it does not come with any such problems.
The Cons of Maple Flooring
Maple flooring does not offer good resistance in conditions of heat and humility. Spontaneous changes in levels of humidity can cause the boards of maple flooring to move and split. Moreover, if the surrounding environment is too damp, these boards can become damaged. Suppose you are living in a cold country and therefore need to turn on the furnace to maintain warmth in your house. Due to excess heat, maple flooring boards can start moving. If you are living in a humid environment, a good idea is to install a dehumidifier. This will maintain the flooring and it will stay in its original state. Furthermore, maple flooring easily gets scratched. If your flooring is a lighter shade, the scratches become very evident. Maple flooring can be an excellent investment if it is maintained in a proper manner. This type of flooring is generally expensive. Installing maple flooring in areas of your house with a lesser amount of traffic is a good idea. This can make it less susceptible to developing scratches. If you believe you can maintain your maple flooring in a proper manner, it is an excellent idea to use it in your house since its benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks.

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