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What is the best area rug pad for your hardwood floors

Rug pads are used to maintain the beautiful and elegant look of your flooring, but choosing the wrong type of rug pad can actually damage your floor. When you are deciding to purchase one, you can select felt pads that protect your floors from getting damaged. They also provide an excellent base for the area rugs. Essentially, these are made by applying treatment solution to the felt in order to make it more durable and lasting when positioned on smooth hardwood floors. If you want a non-slip rug, you can think of buying one that consists of original felt jute. The best idea for area rugs that are placed under furniture is purchasing an exceptional quality of felt jute. The most appropriate pads that cater to different types of flooring are rubber pads. They are also suitable for hardwood flooring. However, while purchasing one, you must ensure that you buy a piece that is of a premium quality. This kind of premium quality guarantees that the rubber layer that is used is natural and sufficiently thick. This must be thoroughly checked, as several sellers provide pads that are covered with a layer of latex, or of chemical spray that has the same look as rubber pads. Pieces that are made up of such chemicals can deteriorate your floors. They can also stick to your floor, which will mean that refurnishing the entire floor may be necessary. This can incur a large amount of expenses. These days, rubber pads consist of PVC material which is purchased in bulk from home improvement stores. In comparison to the thick pads, these are usually thin pads that provide favorable ventilation for vacuuming. Furthermore, these can be easily cleaned by washing them in a mixture of soapy and warm water. Because of this, cleaning them is therefore an easy process. These rubber pads are reversible and can be cut to any size in order to fit under rugs of variable sizes.
You can have a look at online sellers in order to purchase rug pads for considerably lesser prices.

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