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Replacing carpet with hardwood stair treads

The use of hardwood flooring is becoming widespread. You can use any kind of hardwood for stair treads. It not only gives your house a beautiful look, but it is also easy to clean. By adding different types of floor rugs, you can further improve your house, giving it a warm atmosphere. A few tips for changing your carpets to place hardwood stair treads are explained here.
First, remove the strips of carpet and glue from your staircase. While stripping your carpet, do not get worried if the wood gets scratched or grooved. This will be dealt with later on.
Then, clean the steps as well as the railings of stair treads. Remove the long screws from the stair treads and keep them somewhere safe. Next, you can apply construction glue to stick the hardwood flooring planks on the stairs. Working with solid wood in the plank that joins the two steps is a slightly complex task. Since the plank joining the two steps does not easily wear off, you should use plywood that has a color similar to that of the hardwood stair treads.
Once this is done, carefully trim the edges of the staircase tread. Then, mend the moldings to conceal the seams. Also, put back all the screws that were removed earlier.
When hardwood stair treads cover the entire staircase, you can begin the finishing touches. Fill the dents in the wood with wood putty or wood wax that is matching. Once the putty dries, use sandpaper to smoothen out the wood.
Finally, apply wood varnish. If you want your hardwood stair treads to have a longer lifespan, make sure you apply a good quality wood primer before using the varnish. You must leave the primer to dry before you use the varnish. Use the varnish in accordance with the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Do not employ your own techniques. Instead of applying thicker coatings, affix several coats to your stair treads. Between the coats, you should leave the paint for some time to dry.

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