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How to install hardwood stair treads

An antique staircase can be preserved using wooden stair treads. You can change your carpet covering and instead place hardwood stair treads which are strong and anti-skid. A sense of elegance and style pervades your house with the use of hardwood stair treads. You can install hardwood stair treads yourself as a part of a home improvement project. First, you must observe the state of your staircase. In cases where you are planning to replace the carpet of your stairs with hardwood treads, employ a carpenter to check if your stairs are in a sound condition and that none of the screws have loosened.
Choosing hardwood stair treads
Initially, get a quotation from several different professional carpenters. You can also get the relevant quotations from flooring companies. You must do this before you plan on renovating your existing staircase or construct a new staircase. Furthermore, devise an appropriate plan to meet your budget since the kind of hardwood stair treads and the design of it considerably depends on your allocated budget.
Moreover, purchase the hardwood stair treads from an expert dealer who is well-reputed. Also, for a four foot long step, you must not opt for a stair tread which has a length of six foot. This leads to reduced wastage. An essential point to keep in mind is not to use two wooden pieces for one tread since it can lead to creaking later in the future.
When you decide to purchase hardwood stair treads, make sure you order some extra pieces while placing the order. These spare pieces can be used if there are any problems in the other stair tread pieces.
If you have the necessary skills at installing hardwood stair treads, you can choose to carry out the installation yourself. But, do keep in mind that for this installation process, you must have good manual skills. Precision and patience is also necessary. Therefore, you must start this project once you feel you are confident of carrying it out successfully with pleasing results.
If you feel you are not prepared, the most desirable option would be to contact a professional flooring company or a reputable carpenter to do the installation for you.

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