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How to remove scratches from hardwood floors

When you are done examining the scratch, you can conclude what type of scratch it is. Then, you can begin repairing them. A few tips are explained below. These might assist you in mending the scratches which are present on your hardwood floor.
How to remove simple scratches
Simple scratches with wax finish can be easily removed since the scratches are minor. Initially, you must apply a little amount of wax on the scratched area and rub it with a soft piece of cloth. When this is done, buff the affected area with fine grit sandpaper. You can also use steel wool for buffing. However, ensure that you use the sandpaper or the steel wool in the same direction as that of the wood grain. When your hardwood floor is scratched, you can also use paste wax for repairing purposes.
However, when superficial scratches occur with urethane finish, you should not use wax. You can use steel wool or a 240-grit sandpaper to rub over the area slowly and lightly in the same direction as that of the wood grains. Then dry the area with a damp cloth and wait for a few hours. Then, take a can of polyurethane and dip a paintbrush inside. Remove the extra polyurethane which is on the brush by simply touching the tip of the brush on a towel. Next, apply a coat on the scratch and leave it to dry before you sand it again and apply the coat.
How to remove deep scratches
First clean the floor using a dust mop. Then use sandpaper to sand the part where scratches are present. This should be done along the same direction as that of wood grain. Keeping sanding the part till it becomes smooth. Then clean the debris and wipe using a damp cloth. When the floor becomes dry, use a soft cloth to apply a little amount of stain on the area. For polyurethane floors, you must apply polyurethane finish after sanding is done.
In cases where your hardwood flooring has a wax finish, there are only a few steps that you have to take. Just apply some amount of wax and buff the area in order to hide the scratch. Before using the floor, make sure the area is perfectly dry. A better step would be to use the area after a few days, preferable two to three days.

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