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Hardwood Floor Scratch Repair Tips

Hardwood floors are undeniably a beautiful aspect of your house. It can add magnificence and style to your house, but you must put in effort to maintain it. A significant problem associated with this type of flooring is that with continuous usage, scratches may be formed. This could be due to constantly moving furniture over it without taking precaution. If you have pets in your house, it could also be because of their paws. Maintaining hardwood floors professionally is costly. Although professional maintenance is necessary in certain circumstances, you can easily repair minor scratches yourself.
You need to have a basic understanding regarding what you should and what you should not do with respect to these floors. Also, you need to be aware of the proper techniques which can be used for repairing scratches on them. At times, it is impossible to avoid scratches from occurring on your flooring. However, if there are minor scratches, you can fix them if you are aware of the specific methods. Minor scratches can be easily concealed. Fixing deeper scratches, referred to as gouges, entails the need for professional expertise since they can perform this task in an excellent manner. In cases where there are major scratches, they might be impossible to mend and the entire board might have to be replaced. There while purchasing, it is advisable to buy extra material which you can use in the future.
You must also be aware of the type of hardwood floor finish. New hardwood floors which have recently been replaced have a urethane finish which is less susceptible to scratches. Older hardwood floors have wax finishing which is generally thin and not strong enough, therefore, gets scratched easily. Scratches on wax finished floors can be fixed using wax, however, this should not be applied to flooring which have a urethane finish.
These were simple a few brief tips about how scratches can be fixed on hardwood floors. If you are unclear about anything, it is advisable to get in touch with the manufacturer of the material. You can also rely on professional help instead. Manufacturers also at times provide repair kits which includes all the information you need to repair scratches.

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