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Installation of Hardwood Floor

Recently, I went for shopping in a big shopping complex there I saw amazing variety of hardwood floor. I have always admired wooden flooring! I believe that wooden floors not only look elegant but it is also a durable option for flooring. The only small issue with wooden flooring is that it is quite vulnerable to moisture which increases its chances to rot. Due to this reason most of the homeowners feel slightly doubtful about choosing wooden flooring. But you can definitely find a solution if you are a wooden flooring diehard fan and would like to choose it at any cost especially when you already have concrete flooring. The good news is that it is possible to install hardwood flooring installed over the concrete flooring. Would you like to know how? Here we are about to share about hardwood flooring installation.
Installation of Hardwood Floor on Concrete
Nowadays, there are number of ways used for installing hardwood flooring. Technology has made things easier. Due to this convenience most homeowners simply choose to install hardwood floors on their existing concrete flooring. The best part is the ease and convenience!
Getting Ready
The first step involves the cleaning of the concrete floor for laying hardwood floors. Once the floor is thoroughly cleaned make sure that the concrete flooring is completely dry so that wooden floor can be easily fixed on it. In addition, you must remember that if the concrete flooring is new then it is not possible to fix wood flooring on it for at least a couple of months. The steps of cleaning the concrete floor and making it sand and dust free includes the preparation part for laying the wooden floor. Use a sander on the concrete floor in order to even out the rough spots, also use a paint roller to apply the moisture barrier. In this way the concrete will be sealed, and this in turn will protect the hardwood floor. Leave it for 16 hours to dry. Remember to get the flooring ready at least a week before the day when you are planning to install hardwood flooring.

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