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Ways to clean stains from hardwood flooring

Sometimes it is quite challenging to remove the stains from wooden floor. Fortunately, there are number of tips and ways that can be helpful in this regard. Different solutions can be used for cleaning the chemical stains from the hardwood flooring. Do not use any solution that will damage the layers of surface finish. If the wood flooring has a stain of varnish or paint then rub a dampened cloth gently in a special paint remover. It is little tricky to remove the stains of blood on a wood floor because such stains are sticky in nature and also there are chances that red color may be left behind. At first, mop the floor using a cold sponge. If the stains of blood are dried then make a solution of commercial wood cleaner with cold water and use it. There is one way that can save time, money and effort when it comes to maintenance of wood floor and i.e. regular maintenance. Make it a habit to clean hardwood floors with vacuum cleaner on a regular basis and also damp mopping with cleaning or clear solution water. Using excessive water on hardwood can damage it so always mopped dry completely. If you want to restore the shine of your flooring back then it is best to try damp mopping it with vinegar (half-a-cup) and (wood furniture polish 2 tablespoons) in warm water (a gallon). Do not forget to test the solution before using it. For testing use the solution on a spot present behind the door or in a corner of a room. If you place a colorful rug on a wooden floor then there are chances that your floor can remain a-no-stain-wooden-floor. One advantage of using a colorful rug is that the look of your space will be enhanced. And, it will also prevent your floor from getting stained. You can find a variety of colorful rug on the market and these are quite affordable as well. Not a bad deal to protect your flooring!

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