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Removing different types of stains from hardwood flooring

Different types of stains from hardwood flooring are removed in different ways. For instance, wax dripping can be removed with the help of a nonabrasive tool like a blunt, thin butter knife by gently scraping up the wax with it. Take a soft piece of cloth to buff the wood so that tiny particles of wax can be cleared up. In order to remove the stains of oil spills, first absorb it with paper towels. Next, wipe it with a piece of cloth dipped in hydrogen peroxide and then let it dry. If you want to remove grease stains present on wooden floors then harden it to remove. In order to harden grease, you need to apply very cold water or an ice cube on the greasy spot, then scrape the hardened greasy spot with a blunt and thin knife. Use a cleaning solution to mop and then dry it. Usually, children drop food and milk on the floor. For such stains and for other types of stain removal methods, try to clean and mop it dry instantly. However, in the case of dried stains, scrape from the outer side towards the middle of the stain, use a sharpened razor blade, but make sure not to scratch or scrape the floor. After clearing the hardened stain, wipe the spot with a dampened piece of cloth. On wooden floors, you can also commonly find the marks of crayons and chewing gum, especially if you have kids at home. You can easily remove these marks by placing an ice filled plastic bag wrapped with a piece of cloth over the stain in order to harden it. The next stage is scraping off the mark with the help of a sharpened blade. Be careful while doing this, as your nails might scratch the surface of the finish as well. It is quite easy to remove the stains of nail polish; simply use a nail polish remover to remove the stains. However, as the composition of nail polish is chemical based, its components will bind with the finish of floor’s surface.

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