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Hardwood Floor Stain Removal Tips

Hardwood floors can get stained or damaged because of regular or everyday use. These floors are natural and organic in nature. A stain on a shiny flooring of wood can be really upsetting. In order to remove stains from wooden floors, first you must know how long it has been present and also about the type of stain. These stains and marks present on the hardwood floors can be removed in a number of ways. Here, we are sharing some easy-to-follow tips that every homeowner with hardwood floors must know to keep the floor shiny.
Easy-to-Follow Tips for Removing Hardwood Floor Stains
As soon as anything spills on a hardwood floor, mop it instantly. If you leave the spill on the wooden floor for a longer period of time, then the task of removing the stain can become challenging. There are many liquid spills that include moisture within the wooden panels when they seep through the sealant. This gives rise to a white discoloration on the floor. When these discolorations are set in then its removal is not easy. Having a commercial wood floor cleaner is a must. Also, do not forget to read about all the stain removal techniques. Once the spill is wiped then wipe the spot with a solution of water and a small dose of vinegar. Re-coating or re-sanding the spot can remove the watermark on the floor, and this can be done with a bleaching agent like Oxalic acid. With the help of a soft steel wool brush or sandpaper, rub the stain. Do it gently otherwise scratch marks can appear. With the use of a bleaching agent, the stain can be removed gently. After removing the stain, mop this space with a water and vinegar solution then let it dry completely. To restore the shine of floor, re-coat it with a layer of wood finish. Handling candle dripping on a hardwood floor is slightly different. Do not wipe it immediately, otherwise it will spread the stain further. Let the wax dry till it becomes hard, or to make it harden more quickly, apply a cube of ice or an ice pack.

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