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Hardwood flooring installation cost per sq ft

Some of the most common factors that affect the cost of installation are enlisted here.
Type of Hardwood Flooring Used
The type of hardwood flooring that you use can affect the cost of installation. Engineered flooring is expensive when compared to the solid flooring. It is quite easy and less expensive to install strip flooring when compared to plank flooring. The hardwood floors that are acrylic based are more in demand and in use when compared to ones using hardwood. The average cost to install strip flooring is about USD 8 per sq. ft. while it may cost up to USD 12 per sq. ft. for plank flooring.
Type of Wood Used
Using a particular type of wood can also affect the flooring cost. Exotic woods are usually costly when compared to readily available wood like bamboo that only costs USD 6 per sq. ft. The cost of Australian cypress or Brazilian cherry is around USD 13 per sq. ft.
Cost of Finishing
The cost of factory-finished flooring is about USD 10-14 per sq. ft. There is no need for any finishing work after its installation, and it is installed directly. It does not cost much to purchase unfinished wood, but finishing work is required after its
installation. Labor Costs
The labor cost for installation may actually depend on the work type as well as on the area that has to be covered. If you want to make any additions like a specific design or embellishments then be prepared to pay more. You can save on labor costs by installing hardwood floor yourself. Even if you are not a skilled person to lay out plank, the easy-to-follow instructions given by the manufacturer can make the task easier.
The cost of hardwood floor installation is not important when you look at its aesthetic appeal as well as the different advantages that you can have with this type of floor. It is a little challenging when it comes to cleaning them. However, the maintenance of such types of floors can become easy once you become used to it. With some research, you can find numerous tips for cleaning hardwood floors. Regardless of considering installation cost and the issues of cleaning, if you plan to install one, you must keep in mind that this plan can actually add warmth and charm to your home.

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