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How to fix gouges in hardwood floors

When dents or gouges are seen in your hardwood flooring, there are several things you can do to repair them before deciding to replace the floor planks. Below are a few methods that you can use to repair gouges in your hardwood floors.
You can use either soft wax or hard wax to mend gouges in your hardwood floors. You can purchase them in different colors, so make sure you select one, which is compatible with your flooring’s color. Wax comes in a kit for hardwood floor repair. This can be purchased in hardware stores. If you are using hard wax, melt it before filling the dent with it. Leave it for some time so it can solidify. Then, smoothen it using a razor blade and seal it using wood finish. In the same manner, you can also use soft wax. Once you fill the hole with the soft wax, scrape off the extra wax using a blunt knife. When this is done, leave it to dry and then seal it off.
Using Veneer
Veneers are basically slender slices of wood. You will need to cut out the veneer in the shape of the gouge that is formed on your floor, and then put them in the gouges to fill it. Then, you need to fix these strips together using glue, and then paint it with the same color as that of the flooring.
The use of Epoxy sticks
Epoxy sticks can be used in order to repair gouges. You should cut a piece of the stick and rub it between your fingers. Then, fill the gouges with it. In cases where it does not match the color of your floor, color it and then seal it off.
Using Lacquer
This can be used for both gouges and scratches. The gouge can be filled with transparent lacquer by using a brush. The excess lacquer can be scraped off. If the hole is quite small, you can use transparent nail polish instead of lacquer.
Wood putty
Fill the gouge completely with wood putty and then allow it to dry. If the putty shrinks after drying, put more of it in to fill the gouge. Once dried, scrape off the excess filling and buff it using sandpaper.
Latex wood filler
You can purchase latex wood filler in various colors, keeping in mind the color of your flooring in order to choose a good match. Fill the hole with latex wood filler and allow it to dry overnight. Use a wet rag to remove the excess. You can use sandpaper to sand down the level of filler if it is higher than that of the level of the floor. You can then apply a coat of stain to blend the color with that of the floor. Remember to seal it in the end with a varnish. You can purchase all the materials needed from hardwood stores.

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