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Floating engineered hardwood flooring: Pros and cons

When any new product is introduced in the market, it will come with some pros and cons. Once it is used, however, its effectiveness is brought to light, and both its benefits as well as its drawbacks are seen. The most essential advantage of floating hardwood floor is the easy method in which it can be installed. Locking it in the flooring or fixing it together using glue are the only two simple methods involved. Since you can do this yourself easily, you can save the installation costs.
Furthermore, this flooring type can easily contract and expand in accordance with climate changes. They also work well when the climate is humid. Solid hardwood floors do not have this feature since they are fixed to the floor in a manner that does not enable them to expand or contract. This makes them more susceptible to damage in comparison to floating hardwood floors.
Moreover, these floors have a lifespan of forty years and its coating is much more dependable than the one used in hardwood flooring. This coating renders the possibility of making them ready to be used in one day’s time after the installation takes place.
Additionally, another crucial benefit of using floating hardwood flooring is that it is economically friendly and does not lead to a loss of trees.
However, although this type of flooring reacts well to climate changes, repeated changes in climatic conditions can result in the eventual deterioration of the flooring.
Also, these floors cannot be sanded in the way that hardwood floors can. Floating hardwood floors are immensely cost-effective in comparison to solid hardwood floors. However, prices are different depending on the type of flooring you choose. For example, flooring which is designed to look as appealing as an actual hardwood floor is a bit more expensive. Now, it is clearly up to you to see if this is a suitable flooring option for you. Do keep in mind that although it brings forward a few drawbacks, its benefits outweigh the disadvantages. This flooring option can certainly be your best bet if you are seeking a rich look at a significantly lower price!

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