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Floating Hardwood Floors

In comparison to other flooring types, hardwood flooring is known for its richness and elegance. The exclusive look that it entails overrules the qualities of any other flooring type. The warmth and coziness it provides makes it possible to pair it with any sort of furniture to give an outstanding look. Since installing and maintaining hardwood flooring is slightly complex, floating hardwood floors bring forward a convenient and less complex process of installation.
What are Floating Hardwood Floors? These are certain types of engineered flooring which includes slender planks of pine as well as plywood. These planks are compressed in the middle of wood veneers. Although this is not real hardwood, the rich and elegant look provided by its floating counterpart is at a similar level to that of actual hardwood.
These are known as ‘floating’ since they do not entail the requirement of being nailed down to the floor the way regular hardwood floors must. Rather, they are purchased in the form of ready-made pieces which have to be fit together or simply glued and placed on the floor. The ready-made pieces seem more like a jigsaw puzzle. Particular kinds of floating hardwood floors implement the former explained process of locking, while other types need every piece to be fixed with the other by using glue.
The process of installing floating hardwood floor is quite easy and can be done quickly. You will receive manufacturer's instructions which you should carefully follow to install it in the correct manner. This process generally takes a day or two to be completed. You should choose floating hardwood floors which have a thick coating to withstand wear and tear in areas of your house with continuous traffic. This makes the maintenance process easier. The coating can be reapplied by simply sanding the floor once it wears out.
The beauty of floating hardwood floors:
The most exceptional aspect of floating hardwood floors is that you can place these planks over concrete floors and vinyl flooring. You can also place them over ceramic tile flooring and plywood. This is due to the fact that all you need to do is simply snap together the floor and then place it on the sub floor. However, attention must be placed on the evenness of the floor. This is by far the only aspect which has to be observed carefully in this process. It must be leveled in a correct manner so that the new flooring can be easily and quickly installed.
Besides these points, this type of flooring is the most excellent option for people who wish to see the beauty of hardwood floors in their houses without putting in immense cost or effort.

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