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Engineered Hardwood and Laminated Flooring

While carrying out a home improvement project, you can change the flooring of your house. This can give your room an entirely new look. Among all the types of floorings that you can choose from, hardwood flooring is an excellent option. However, hardwood floors are expensive, are difficult to install on their own and are susceptible to damages depending on prevalent conditions. Therefore, varying alternatives to hardwood floors have been introduced. Engineered and Laminated Floorings are two types of such alternatives.
Engineered flooring:
Engineered flooring characterizes real wood flooring. However, it is not solid hardwood flooring. It is made up of many different wood components such as solid finished wood and plywood. The center portion is made up of plywood (non-finished) and the solid finished wood occupies around 1/8 inch of the flooring. To make the flooring stronger, the plywood is placed across the grain of the top layer of the flooring. Since it is real wood, it is difficult to differentiate between a core hardwood floor and engineered flooring. For attaining a new look, the top layer can be sanded, preferably professionally, at a minimum of three times. However, this depends on the brand which you have purchased. In particular cases where the top layer is extremely thin, refinishing the flooring can prove to be an arduous task. Also, the plywood placed under the top veneer surface makes the flooring less susceptible to moderations that take place such as expansion or contraction because of humidity.
If you are in search of excelled quality of hardwood floors entailing grains and textures, choosing engineered hardwood floors is certainly a desirable option.
Laminated flooring:
In comparison to engineered hardwood, you cannot refer to laminated flooring as being real wood. It consists of wood chips which is fiber board of a high density and is topped with a stratum of paper which is infused with melamine. In the same way as hardwood flooring, the thickness of laminated flooring can extend up to approximately inch. The top layer of such flooring consists of aluminum oxide as well, making it eminently resistant to scratches. This gives it an advantage over engineered flooring which gets scratched easily due to its real wood flooring.

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