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What is the average cost to refinish hardwood floors?

Once you decide to get your hardwood floor refinished, the most important thing that you need to consider is the cost. Several things need to be considered in order to determine an estimation of the cost. The expenses of the project rely on aspects such as the condition of the existing floor, the typical and additional services which you require, the location where you are residing, the type of professional contractor you opt for, and the costs of labor in your surrounding area.
If a contractor is hired, it will cost you around a dollar per square foot to apply a re-coat on the floor. Your expense would approximately amount to $200-$250 if you require re-coating or screening of a 15x15 feet room. You will probably be charged an extra amount if the floors are worn out or have a considerable amount of scratches. $2-$4 per square foot is the range of average costs. Therefore, for refinishing a 15x15 room, you can expect to incur expenses amounting to $350-$900. The procedure of refinishing generally entails sanding down the wood and then applying around 2-3 coats of finish. If you decide to hire a professional of top quality, the total expense can amount to $900-$1200. You must keep in mind that the most significant part of the aggregate expenses while hiring a professional contractor is the corresponding labor charges. In certain situations, the labor charges may even rise to $3-$4 per square foot.
It you plan on undertaking this task yourself, the overall expenses can differ depending on the kind of tools and types of materials that you use. Generally, you would need to rent essential items such as a sander and a floor buffer. The cost for renting a sander would be approximately $150-$250. Renting a buffer might incur a cost of around $50-$100. However, you must remember that these rental charges can increase in accordance with the duration of the project.
Consequently, you can save considerably on the aggregate cost of refinishing hardwood floors, but you need to take into account the presence of dust inside your house until the project finishes. You might prefer taking the assistance of professional cleaning services for eliminating the dirt and dust that is prevalent.

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