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Necessary Precautions while Cleaning Prefinished Hardwood Flooring

Everyone dreams of having a perfect home, and therefore does everything within his reach to turn his dream into reality. Flooring is an aspect that is essential to make our house look outstanding. One can have a prefinished hardwood flooring to add to the magnificence of their house.
Prefinished hardwood flooring is flooring with a polyurethane coating. Since this coating is applied to the floor before the floor is sold to you, it is known as “prefinished”. It is a costly investment, and you must take a few necessary precautions in order to maintain its long life.
You must never mop your prefinished hardwood floor with water, as doing this will damage your floors. You must refrain from using soap or detergents to clean your prefinished hardwood floor and instead buy a recommended cleaner to avoid causing any damage to your floors.
Furthermore, abstain from using ammonia on your prefinished hardwood floor. Also, do not wax flooring which has a polyurethane finish. Before using a floor cleaner, you must ensure to read the instructions accurately. It is always a better idea to use a cleaner that is floor-specific.
In order to avoid causing damage while using steam mops, you must make sure you are continuously moving the mop while stimulating the steam function. If you keep the steam mop in the same place for some time, it will deliver excessive moisture to a specific area which will damage your prefinished hardwood floors.
You should use a cleaner with a neutral pH only if the floor finish is restored. Curing a polyurethane coating takes a month’s time, and curing a water-based finish takes two weeks.
Hardwood flooring is much more difficult to maintain in comparison to other kinds of flooring. However, by cleaning and maintaining it on a regular basis, you can save yourself from facing problems. If you pay attention to the above-mentioned precautions, you will be able to maintain the shiny look of your hardwood floors for several years.

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