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Why choose Hand Scraped Maple Hardwood Flooring for your home?

Hand Scraped Maple Hardwood Flooring is a popular choice for those homeowners looking for a warm, classic and more authentic look and feel to their hardwood flooring. Hand Scraped, also known as Hand Sculptured, is a traditional method performed by hand (or in more recent times in a factory) to give scrape marks to the hardwood flooring - this was how older wooden flooring would have looked. In fact many years ago when wooden planks were fresh cut and very uneven, hand scraping was the process used to get an even surface. Now it has become a firm favourite with those that are looking for a certain rustic or charming and romantic feel to their home and the use of maple hardwood makes it a very hardwearing and durable choice.

Hand scraping has been used for hundreds of years

The process of hand scraping is carried out using a draw knife which shaves the surface of the wood making it smooth but also leaving scrape marks. Now it is largely carried out using machinery so can vary in quality and is can be performed on either solid or engineered hardwood flooring planks. Although it is more commonly carried out by machinery nowadays it is very important when choosing your hand scraped maple hardwood flooring to ensure that the flooring actually looks hand scraped and that it hasn't suffered at the hands of the machines. You need to buy from a reputable supplier that only supplies the best quality and not cheaper alternatives that will disappoint.

Hand scraped not distressed

Hand scraped wood flooring should not be confused with distressed hardwood flooring which uses a different method and has a different finish. A distressed floor is made to look like it has undergone wear and tear removing that 'brand new' look and feel. In fact with a hand scraped hardwood floor you get much more variety than you do with distressed which can lead to a much more authentic, less manufactured look.

Maple is a popular choice

Maple is an excellent choice for hand scraped hardwood. Many people choose it because it gives a light and airy feel but the heartwood of maple is darker so often you get a great grain effect. Generally the sapwood of maple is the part of the tree that is used in flooring and other wood projects with the heartwood grain coming through. The outer sapwood ranges from almost white to cream with the heartwood being a darker, redder colour.

A durable hardwood with beautiful patterns

You can find some beautiful patterns in maple - one common pattern is birdseye, given the name because the marks in the wood look like birds eyes. You will also find swirls and lined effects as well giving a variation to the appearance of a floor and a more natural appeal. It is quite a versatile wood ranging both in pattern and colour. Because of its durability and hardness maple is often used in bowling alleys and as gym flooring. It doesn't splinter or warp like some alternative will and it will take a lot of wear and tear that said it still needs to be treated with care as it is not immune to scratches and dents.

Charming appearance with a historical feel

There is something charming about hand scraped hardwood flooring. It tells a story - like it is wood that has been used in a former life to adorn the floors of a great hall. It brings a romance and history into the home and if you are after that rustic, warm and cosy feel then it is a good choice. Whilst it is difficult to get an even stain it is possible if you are having it professionally stained or ordering a pre-stained wood. The colour of maple will differ depending on the part of the tree that is used so you whilst it is often a lighter wood you will find darker variations.

Is hand scraped hardwood maple flooring for you?

If you like the look and feel of hand scraped hardwood maple flooring and would like to consider this for your home or commercial project then it is important to ensure that you find someone that can both supply and fit the best quality option for you. Whilst it is a high quality, durable wood if you don't buy it from a reputable supplier or try to buy a cheaper version you could end up very disappointed. A good quality supplier should be able to show you samples of what your flooring will look like and will be able to fulfil your requirements with top quality products. To find out more about this flooring option for your home then please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with some options and a quote for the work.

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