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There are Different Types of Commercial Wood Flooring

Wood flooring creates a calm and enticing environment for the interiors of business. A fundamental understanding of commercial wood flooring available can help you decide or determine which particular kind of hardwood can best give you the desired look, attraction and atmosphere for your business.

Categories of commercial wood flooring

Having an informed orientation of the types of wood can help you to make a good judgement for your commercial environment.
• Prefinished hardwood
• Engineered hardwood
• Solid hardwood

1. Prefinished or unfinished wood flooring

Without a good finishing, there will not be protective top slap on the hardwood flooring. The act of flooring brings out the real beauty and highlights the shinning characteristics of the material. The commercial wood flooring types can come as finished or unfinished. Unfinished type of flooring refers to the factory providing the flooring as is finish, together with the staining and sanding, the application being onsite within the installation process. Due to this, unfinished wood flooring may take longer time to deploy, despite its advantage of being stained to fit an internal environment. From general observation, businesses tends to prefer the prefinished type of wood flooring due to the reason that it saves time, less cumbersome, durable and neater to install. The prefinished also comes with diverse options which match specified condition of businesses; some of which includes natural varnishes, shellacs, water-based urethane, polyurethane, lacquers, and oil-based urethane.

2. Engineered hardwood flooring

Compared to the solid hardwood, this type of wood is derived from several layers of wood which can be of similar or totally different wood species. Considering that the layers of these woods moves in diverse directions, this engineered hardwood has less proness to expansion and shrinkage as a result of climatic condition. The engineered hardwood happens to be one of the commonest flooring options due to the reason of ease to install and compatibility with any manner of subfloors.

3. Solid hardwood

This type of commercial wood flooring is made from a hundred percent natural material which comes in a solid wood. This type of flooring can be derived from varying species of wood; some of which include maple, oak, cherry, birch, hickory and many others. From observation, businesses opt for this type of flooring due to the reason that it can be refinished severally which thus preserve the floor as an investment. This type of flooring is prone to expansion and contraction at often intervals due moist or humidity.

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