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The Good and Ugly of Hardwood Flooring Installation

The use of wood for building or building material is an ancient yet common practice. Although, a lot of buildings are done with stones and concretes, one can of course relish the avails of hardwood especially for flooring. For hardwood installation, experts pay certain and specific attentions to diverse of factors such as moisture, expansion as well as contraction while preparing hardwood flooring installation even on a concrete slabs. The preference of hardwood by homeowners is somewhat alluring; though far from being termed cheap in the market considering the cost implication and maintenance compared to its counterparts. It is a first choice for its durability, beauty and classic versatility. And when a building edifice is set to be sold, this material adds value to the asking price tag. Nevertheless, installation is another activity that requires expertise and experience and the service of professionals cannot be ignored in this regard. Looking at the cost consequence of hardwood flooring installation for the home, a lot of fans who consider this method of flooring as a choice search arduously to inquire through available means as to whether their time and cost investment is worth it for their homes. Unlike the alternatives like carpets, stone slabs, vinyl, and rugs; flooring a home with hardwoods is obviously more expensive if pricing are to be compared-yet there is a huge Return-On-Investment at the long-run. New installations, repairs or refinishing all come with their relative and varying cost implications; with some cheaper than the other depending on whether the building is new or an already existing one. One common and hasty generalization from the public when referring to hardwood floors is talking of the material as a single type of building material, but the actual fact is, this material can be derived from scores of diverse types of forest trees with different chemical, biological and physical characteristics which invariably determines their durability, beauty, strength as well as price. For the purpose of reorientation, below is the list of some common sources of the woods in which the hardwood flooring installation is dependent;

Red Oak
White Ash
Brazilian Cherry

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