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There are Different Types of Commercial Wood Flooring

Wood flooring creates a calm and enticing environment for the interiors of business. A fundamental understanding of commercial wood flooring available can help you decide or determine which particular kind of hardwood can best give you the desired look, attraction and atmosphere for your business.

Categories of commercial wood flooring

Having an informed orientation of the types of wood can help you to make a good judgement for your commercial environment.
Prefinished hardwood
Engineered hardwood
Solid hardwood

1. Prefinished or unfinished wood flooring

Without a good finishing, there will not be protective top slap on the hardwood flooring. The act of flooring brings out the real beauty and highlights the shinning characteristics of the material. The commercial wood flooring types can come as finished or unfinished. Unfinished type of flooring refers to the factory providing the flooring as is finish, ...


The Good and Ugly of Hardwood Flooring Installation

The use of wood for building or building material is an ancient yet common practice. Although, a lot of buildings are done with stones and concretes, one can of course relish the avails of hardwood especially for flooring. For hardwood installation, experts pay certain and specific attentions to diverse of factors such as moisture, expansion as well as contraction while preparing hardwood flooring installation even on a concrete slabs. The preference of hardwood by homeowners is somewhat alluring; though far from being termed cheap in the market considering the cost implication and maintenance compared to its counterparts. It is a first choice for its durability, beauty and classic versatility. And when a building edifice is set to be sold, this material adds value to the asking price tag. Nevertheless, installation is another activity that requires expertise and experience and the service of professionals cannot be ignored in this regard. Looking at the cost consequence of hardwood...


The Good and the Ugly Side of Wood Flooring

Having installed wood for your flooring, it is important to know that there are just the same proportions of merits as demerits that are consequential to this choice of flooring. One capital merit is that there is less hustle to maintain, sustain i.e. clean; due to the reason that impressions due to stains and dirt does not stick to it. Contrary to carpet, whose coloration can fade-away as time passes by, the colour in wood flooring will last longer than one can ever imagine. Additionally, those persons suffering from one type of allergy or the other can cope comfortably as a result of the fact that the wood does not have harbour agents that can aggravate allergy beneath it unlike the carpet. With wood flooring, there are varieties of colours that are available which can definitely blend with all manner of colour choices of coverage areas. They come in different shades and patterns with no single wood sharing similar likeness. They avail strength, durability and highly rugged to withst...

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